Safe Conduct Policy

Sunday Morning Adult Spiritual Formation Classes
Each Sunday Morning
9:45 a.m. – 10:45 a.m. in Havighorst Lounge
Childcare is always provided.

Progressive Fundamentals
Sundays, June 2-16

Join us for a class on “Progressive Fundamentals.” This class will explore basic historic and theological ideas from the modern context of new scholarship, archaeology and science that have contributed to new understandings of the basic tenants of faith. Biblical Interpretation, interpretations of the symbols of faith and the role of Jesus are some of the topics covered in this three-week/three-session class. Become articulate in modern understandings of faith, and yes, bring your questions, doubts and even criticisms of progressive faith to the table of discussion and exploration.

Facilitated by Rick Walters.

A Key to Reading the Gospel of John: The Jewish Festivals
Sunday, June 23

Be with us as Rev. De Witt takes us on a journey of discovery, as we look at John 7:37-39, and the rivers of living water.

Facilitated by Rev. Gary De Witt.

Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage Recap and Discussion
Sunday, June 30

On May 9-17, 2019, seven members from our church hiked the pilgrimage from Sarria to Santiago de Compostella (approximately 100k) in Spain. It was a transformational journey and one we continue to process. Join us, as we share our photos, stories and memories with you. We will also discuss a future Camino de Santiago pilgrimage during this session.

Note: Adult Spiritual Formation will not meet on Sunday, July 7.

Progressive View of the Gospel of Mark
Sundays, July 14 – August 4

As a follow up to Progressive Fundamentals, the class will demonstrate progressive, modern interpretation of the Bible through 4 passages in the gospel of Mark. This is not like any other Bible class you’ve experienced.

Facilitated by Rick Walters.

Bible Study: Jonah, Micah, and Nahum
Sundays, August 11-25

Come and hear three of the Hebrew scriptures prophetic voices from as early as 759 BCE. These three short books in our Bible proclaim a God of justice and mercy. Let us read them together as we discern our own prophetic call as a church in the 21st Century.

Facilitated by Pastor Megan.