Coral Gables Congregational UCC Roofing Project

… an opportunity to help preserve an important landmark for future generations.

Church RoofThe Sanctuary Roof: Our roof, made of beautiful clay tile originally imported from Cuba, has offered sanctuary since 1925. For nearly 100 years, our congregation, community organizations and friends have faithfully provided funds for repairing and replacing tiles as needed. The roof protects both worshippers and community gatherings including the Community Arts Program (CAP), German and Spanish Language Ministries, environmental activists, Girl Scouts, Food Pantry, Gay Pride Parade planning, Books & Books author readings, shared meals, festive parties, educational programs and discussions, a polling place, concerts, church school, baptisms, weddings and celebrations of life. The roof is a silent witness to Alcoholics Anonymous, mental health support programs, the homeless, refugees, and specialists pointing the way to community and government resources. It listens to voices raised in passion to stand up for those on society’s edge. All are welcome here!

100 Years Ago: Church construction began in 1923 during the Roaring Twenties and resulted in one of the finest early examples of Mediterranean Revival architecture in Miami. As the first and, for several years, only church in Coral Gables, it was a thriving endeavor; however, the Hurricane of 1926, followed soon by the Great Depression, caused membership to dwindle and tourism to drop off as property values and personal fortunes crashed.

50 Years Ago: Financial troubles persisted into the mid-1940s, followed by a period of growth and expansion. The church building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1978. In 1986, an architectural survey concluded, “The primary recommendation is thus to carefully and respectfully conserve the church as it has come down to us for its future users.”

Today: At the 100-year mark, our beautiful roof once again needs us to protect it. Even though church members and friends from near and far have worked hard to keep the church in good condition, roof leaks are increasing in the rains and storms of South Florida. The leaks threaten the historical interior and the structural integrity of the building. Roof repairs have become an annual financial burden. We must replace the red clay tiles. An updated historical preservation survey in 2019 identified the roof as a top priority to preserve the building’s exterior and protect the interior. The Florida Department of State, Division of Historical Resources recently awarded the church a matching grant of $100,000 to help with replacement of the roof. This is a great start toward the monies needed to complete this urgent task.

This roofing project is sponsored in part by the Department of State, Division of Historical Resources and the State of Florida.

The Centennial Fund

Gifts to the Centennial Fund support projects that celebrate the church’s 100th Anniversary. Centennial projects include historical preservation of our beautiful building and projects that provide support for the church’s work in our community. To make a gift to the Centennial Fund, please click on the Donate Here button.