Honoring the Dead and Ministering to the Living

When a family member or friend passes on, the funeral or memorial service is, at one and the same time, an occasion for mourning their loss and for thanksgiving and celebration of their life. In the company of family and friends, we acknowledge our own sense of loss as we say goodbye to the loved one who has died. Yet we also commend the person to God and offer God our thanks that death is not the end for those of us who live and die trusting in the promises of God.

A funeral or memorial service at church can remind us that even in the midst of death life continues in a new way. This can be a comforting reassurance as we deal with our loss and say good-bye to someone we love. In addition, a church service usually provides more opportunities to include meaningful music with helpful, healing words.

Funerals and Memorial Services: Differences and Similarities

A funeral takes places shortly after death and often the casket is present. A memorial service is conducted much like a funeral service. In lieu of the body and casket, the family will often bring a photograph of their loved one to be placed on the altar. If the “cremains” or ashes of the deceased are already available, their container may also be placed on the altar or a stand.

Fees and Charges for Church Services

At this church, we believe that services should be open to persons from the community as well as church members. The fee for a service for non-members is $1,200 which includes the pastor, who will meet with the family or friends to help plan the service and to make it personal and meaningful, the parish musician for organ and piano music, a soloist, plus the use of the sanctuary, and set-up and clean-up.

If the service is less than fifty people and a smaller space is requested, a chapel service is available for $1,000.

If you wish to have a funeral or memorial service led by the pastor at the church, please contact Mariana Broadmeadow, the Life Events Coordinator of the church at MarianaB@gablesucc.org or at 305.448.7421 ext. 114.

St. Francis Pet Memorial Garden

Since pets are cherished family members and their loss is painful, honoring their memory is healing. Our St. Francis Pet Memorial Garden is a sacred place where you can bury the ashes of a beloved pet. The suggested donation is $150 which includes a plant, a lovely stone memorializing your pet’s name, and if you wish, a brief memorial service. If you are interested, please contact the church at 305.448.7421 or info@gablesucc.org.