Justice and Witness

Making God’s Shalom visible in our community, nation, and world.

Inspired by Jesus’ life, we seek to create a world of economic and social justice that is environmentally sustainable through awareness and action.

Check our calendar below for upcoming Justice and Witness events.

Led by our Board of Justice and Witness, and in partnership with local and national organizations, our congregation is committed to five impact goals for justice and peace.

1. Create a welcoming city for immigrants and refugees

2. Provide safety and support for those experiencing homelessness

3. Protect the environment

4. Reject and dismantle racism

5. Sustain a welcoming community for LGBTQ people

6. Support those in Haiti

If you are interested in working on any of these issues with Gables UCC, please contact Pastor Laurie at LaurieH@gablesucc.org.

Community Relations Grant Application

The Gables UCC Community Relations Grant Program supports community-based non-profit organizations, projects, and events in Miami-Dade County. Our Board of Justice and Witness oversees the program and makes selections based on the mission, needs, and outreach of the applying organization.

Through our grant program, we seek to build relationships with the organizations that apply and to partner on any projects or events that fit our mission.

Grant Program Priorities

The Community Relations Grant Program gives priority to organizations that match with the impact goals of our Board of Justice and Witness:

  • Housing and Homelessness
  • Immigration
  • Racial Justice
  • Environment
  • LGBTQ+ Justice
Grant Range

Our grants range from $500-$2,500 and can be submitted at any time during the year.

Eligibility and Limitations

Any non-profit, tax-exempt, community-based organizations are eligible and encouraged to apply. The organization does not need to be faith-based.

Organizations that are politically-partisan or for-profit need not apply.

Review Process

Grant applications follow the procedure below:

  • Gables UCC staff will receive and screen the application
  • The Board of Justice and Witness will review the application
  • A representative from the applying organization will be invited to present at the next Board of Justice and Witness meeting
  • If the grant is approved, Gables UCC staff will send a follow-up email, letter, and check in the following days
  • Six months after the grant money is awarded, Gables UCC staff will follow up with the grant recipient for an update on use of the funds and possible site visit
Funds for Grant Program

There are three different funds from which we award our grants. When applying, please indicate which fund you are applying to.

The Mary Porter Wise Outreach Fund is endowed through a generous gift by Mary Porter Wise, a former member of our congregation and a dedicated teacher. Mary was a committed member of our church and active part of the community who wrote liturgy for worship, funded and installed our church’s library, and advocated for children’s education. Organizations focusing on the education and enrichment of children and youth are invited to apply. 

The Margie Berry Scholarship Fund is endowed through the generous gift of Margie Berry a former member of our congregation and a dedicated educator. Margie saw education as a way to empower girls and young women and had a heart for the lives of migrant workers in South Florida. The scholarships from the Margie Berry Fund are designated for the education of immigrant, migrant, and refugee women in South Florida. Organizations focusing on the education of immigrant, migrant, and refugee women are also invited to apply.

The Mission and Outreach Fund is sustained by the generous donations of members of our congregation for organizations that are doing the work of social justice and community service in Miami-Dade County. Any community-based, non-profit is invited to apply.


To apply, click the “Apply Here” button below.

If you have any questions, please contact Rev. Laurie Hafner at LaurieH@gablesucc.org.