Haiti: Mission Possible

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Haiti: Mission Possible has worked for the past 20 years to support the people of Haiti on their path to peace, security, and sustainable development. Our mission is to promote advocacy and to support projects that uplift communities and strengthen local Haitian-led institutions.

Under the umbrella of the Justice and Witness board at Gables UCC, we have led fundraising events that have supported the Haitian Education and Leadership Program (HELP), the Roger and Ariel Dunwell School in Tete L’Etang in Aquin, Project Medishare in Thomonde, and the Lambi Fund of Haiti.

Beginning in 2024, we are renewing our efforts in Haiti to continue to focus on advocacy and education. A very important component to this is to raise awareness in our local communities about the importance of walking in solidarity with the people of Haiti. We will continue to raise funds to support educational projects that uplift and empower students and to bring about sustainable change.

If you would like to invest in Haiti’s pockets of hope through Haiti: Mission Possible by volunteering please contact GenevieveS@gablesucc.org.

Donations can be made online by clicking the button below, or by check made out to Coral Gables UCC with “Haiti Mission” in the memo.