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The mission of the Green Christians is to bring about awareness of our interconnectedness to each other and the planet while finding solutions to environmental issues both locally and globally through education, research, community involvement and partnering with other organizations, while working towards the goal of creating a clean and sustainable earth for future generations to come.

In living up to God’s call to be stewards of God’s creation, we become green. If you are interested in being an ecologically minded Christian then you should be a Green Christian.

We have made arrangements with a local company to collect all of your electronic waste so it can be recycled. Many of the items are considered hazardous waste and should not be simply thrown away. Their e-waste recycling program includes end-of-life and non-working batteries, cameras, cash registers, desktops, external hard drives, facsimile machines, flat TV screens, ink/toner cartridges, keyboards, laptops, monitors, phone chargers, printers, radios, routers, scanning devices, servers, tablets, telephones, small cathode ray tube televisions, video cassette recorder/players and video game consoles. That about covers anything electronic! We have a large collection bin outside the Fellowship Hall in the Courtyard for your items.