Events for January 22, 2022

Walking Group

Join Pastor Megan, church members, and friends for a weekly walk around the Granada Golf Course and back, approximately 4 miles. We will meet outside our church’s Fair Trade shop and leave the church together as we begin our walk. Just an FYI-Pastor Megan sets a brisk pace! Friends always welcome! Bring a flashlight.

“What Happened to You?” W.I.S.E. Book Study


The experiences that we have in childhood shape us throughout our lives. This is particularly true for children who experience trauma and adversity. In their book, What Happened to You?: Conversations on Trauma, Resilience and Healing, authors Bruce D. Perry, MD, PhD, and Oprah Winfrey discuss the effects of trauma on the developing brain and how this can lead to…

UM General Mental Health Concerns Group – English


Have you been struggling with depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, or other psychological stresses? If so, you may benefit from these small groups for support, insight, and techniques for managing your mental health challenges. Through a partnership with the University of Miami Graduate Psychology Department, we are pleased to offer several free culturally-informed, religiously-based group therapy as part of a research…