This church, through the years, has allowed me to not feel alone in my life’s journey. Every Sunday, I never felt alone because I had a deep connection with people from all walks of life that are very inclusive experiencing peace through the love of God.

Krister Martinez

I was raised in a family of Protestant Churchgoers, however as time went on the Church and Its teachings seemed to bear little relevance to the real world. This resulted in my not attending church for several years. I am so very grateful to have reconnected with a spiritual home at Gables UCC which has taught me that my Christian faith is still highly relevant to the world I live in.

Annika Grant

The most important reason I come to this church is to worship without judgment. It is why I came here. It is the reason that I stayed. I attend the 9:00 service. It is small and intimate. We serve communion every week which is very important to me. I also attend the 11:00 service so that I may worship with the larger community. I would miss something important if I only went to 9:00. I have found community here. And, for the first time in my life, I have a pastor that knows me and is my spiritual director.

Vickie Murphy

We are a diverse mix of people from all walks of life, committed to following Jesus Christ’s progressive path of justice and inclusivity. We gather for the love of God and to experience God’s peace in a community of caring. Through our faith and worship, we find forgiveness, relevance, and the transformational power of life-giving grace.

Greg Shepherd

This church brought me back to the love of God. After 6 years without being able to connect with God. Here I discovered that God loves me even though I have made mistakes.

Silvia Mendoza

Gables UCC feeds my soul & fills my spiritual cup. It brings peace to my soul.

Valerie Deville