Pastor Laurie’s Response to Today’s Events in Washington D.C.

Today we, as a nation, prepared to hold one of the important rituals of our democracy as the United States of America. It was to be a day, as it is every four years, when Congress certifies the votes of the American people.

Instead, this cherished ritual was torn asunder due to an incitement of violence, mistrust, and division by no less than some of our most powerful elected leaders. It is painful to watch as one of our most beloved traditions as a nation, the peaceful transfer of power, continues a descent into chaos, hatred, suspicion, and, I daresay, racism.

We aspire to be better than this, and as people of faith, we must rise to the occasion and witness to the power of love, justice, peace, and goodwill. Let us call on the better angels of all, including our own nature, and stand boldly for the principles we hold dear, of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Let us begin with prayer…

Gracious One, we are heartsick over the events that have unfolded this day. We pray for peace in our nation, for harmony amid our divisions, for respect in the midst of such disregard of truth, and for courageous and honorable leaders who are willing to stand boldly and with integrity on the right side of history.

May we find our voices and live principled love in your presence and for your purpose. Amen.