Worship – November 1, 2020

One of the great traditions of our fore-bearers in the Congregational tradition was what was called an Election Day Sermon – a noble tradition going back as far as the mid-1600’s in the American colonies.

At the center of every town in Puritan New England, there was a Congregational Church. The Sundays before an election, almost every Congregational preacher in the land devoted the sermon to the body politic. It typically touched on the nature of government, human nature, the qualifications and duties of rulers, and the need for repentance and reformation.

Today, two days before the national election for President of the United States, Pastor Laurie will revive this tradition and offer up an Election Day sermon.

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The Connection Café began immediately following the postlude and some announcements.

Following the Connection Café, we commemorated All Saints Day by remembering those loved ones who have died since November 2019. As part of our recognition, candles were lit for those who passed away in the past year.

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