Maundy Thursday Worship – April 9, 2020

As the sun is setting for the day, we virtually gather in the rustic beauty of our sanctuary to recall the disciples with Jesus in the Upper Room for the last time. This special service weaves song, communion, prayer, and scripture into a beautiful tapestry of quiet reflection and thoughtful worship.

As night draws near, we meditate on the fact that it was on Maundy Thursday that Jesus and his disciples stood in the shadow of the cross. Through the gradual extinguishing of the lights, we will remember the Passion of Christ.

This is a BYOBC (Bring Your Own Bread and Cup) service as we will celebrate Holy communion together.

Please have some bread/crackers/chips and a cup of juice/wine/water. It doesn’t matter the substance as it is in our coming together and in our remembering that makes whatever food or drink we bring holy.

Follow along with tonight’s bulletin here.