Daily Archives: March 15, 2020

The Aging Body: What to Expect

Part of our series Grace, Gravity, and Getting Old. Led by church member and physician Dr. Steve Weirich, we look at the physical changes that naturally take place during the aging process. Dr. Weirich is a board-certified family physician who is affiliated with North Shore Medical Center as well as Jackson Health System and Mt. Sinai Medical Center.

Third Sunday in Lent Worship – March 15, 2020

Third Sunday in Lent “Lenting” Go of Privilege “Lenting,” as a verb, suggests a little more intentionality than Lent as a season that we passively watch come and go like the seasons of the year. “Lenting,” like most verbs pertaining to human activity, connotes a choice or commitment of some sort. In the same vein as working, leaving, playing, sailing,…