On Tuesday, January 6, 2015, less than twenty-four hours after the Florida ban on same-gender marriage was lifted, Coral Gables UCC made history by having our first legal same-sex marriage ceremony in the history of our church. That evening, four couples who had traveled to Broward County to get marriage licenses shortly after midnight on January 6 returned to their church home to be married.

This was a joyful celebration for us at Gables UCC and across the state of Florida. We had worked, prayed, and longed for that day when all people, regardless of sexual orientation, could marry the person they love.

Congratulations to the many same-sex couples who have been married at Gables UCC since that January 2015 day in Florida history. We will recognize those couples today and continue to recognize that love is love is love.

You can follow along with today’s bulletin here.

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