Pastor Laurie Responds: SCOTUS Marriage Equality Decision

Today, the Supreme Court ruled that same-gender marriage is now legal in all fifty states!  What a momentous and meaningful occasion.  Within moments I received a call from my best friend Kathryn Matthews Huey and several church members with whom I have shared the struggle over the years toward the acceptance, the rights and equal privileges of all people regardless of sexual orientation. As I took those calls my 17 year old daughter was sitting with me and I was overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude that it will be her decision and her right to freely marry who she loves. How thankful I am for those who fought so hard over the years both gay and straight to make this day happen.  How grateful I am to belong to a local church, Coral Gables Congregational UCC who made a decision years ago to openly welcome and affirm all people regardless of sexual orientation.  And how blessed I am to have grown up and to have been spiritually nurtured in the United Church of Christ that has been on the front end of this cause for over 40 years!  Because of its witness I learned at an early age about unconditional love, acceptance, and extravagant welcome.

Finally, to all the couples who honored me early on by giving me the privilege of officiating at your Holy Union because at the time it was the only course that we had to symbolize your unity, your deep love and your commitment to one another, know that those vows and those promises were sacred.  God was there with you in that moment as you received the blessing of the church and that God will be with you as you decide to legally marry with the blessing of the state.

For the struggle, for the witness, for the decision and for the dream that has been fulfilled, let us give thanks to our still-speaking God!

-Pastor Laurie