Our Commitments

Open and Affirming
Just Peace

Featured Events

Reading the Bible Again for the First Time: Sundays,, September 18-October 2
The Heart of the Buddha's Teaching Book Study: Sundays, September-November
The Transgender Child Book Study: Sundays in October
Lotus House October Collection: New, Full-Size Body Lotion
Walking Group: Wednesdays, September-November
An Evening with Neil Degrasse Tyson: October 3
Parent and Pastor Connection: October 6
Rise Against Hunger Volunteer Event: October 8
LGBTQ+ Luncheon: October 9
QPR Suicide Prevention Training: October 11

Asset Book 2022-2023

We have so many assets at Gables UCC that make us a spirit-filled, faithful, fun, and vibrant congregation. "Asset" being defined as a useful or valuable thing, person, or quality. Check out our Asset Book which shares many of the programs, worship services, events, and study opportunities throughout the program year.